Top 5 Jewels Offered This July

Fortuna will be hosting its July Jewels & Watches auction this Thursday, July 23rd at 10AM EDT. Part of their monthly auction series, the sale offers a broad selection of estate and designer jewels and iconic timepieces. A big part of the allure of auctions, is the multi-layered stories and the rarity that accompany the fine treasures offered. We have picked out some of our absolute favorites and rarer finds in the upcoming auction.

Lot 3001, 4.51-Carat Fancy Yellowish Green Diamond Ring (est. $120,000–$170,000)


Perhaps one of the most mystifying lots in the sale is this exquisite 4.51-Carat Fancy Yellowish Green Diamond Ring. Fancy colored diamonds are quite rare, given the very specific conditions that must occur for the color to develop naturally. For natural green diamonds, exposure to atomic radiation that is endured over millions of years is what causes the color—making green diamonds amongst the rarest of the fancy colored diamonds. The yellowish-green hue of this particular diamond is truly a natural marvel to gaze upon, and its even color saturation adds to its fine appearance. The Fancy Yellowish Green diamond is set in a rose gold band and surrounded by pink diamonds—yet another extremely rare fancy colored diamond, which creates a lovely frame around the center stone. This spectacular cocktail ring has an estimate of $120,000–$170,000 and is now available for bidding in our July Jewels & Watches sale.

Lot 2098, Cartier Evasions Joallieres Diamond and Cultured Pearl Earrings (est. $30,000–$60,000)


The Évasions Joaillières collection by Cartier introduced bold designs harkening to different exotic destinations and time periods. These subtle and elegant pair of Diamond and Cultured Pearl Earrings from the collection features almost tribal geometric patterns, and is meticulously set with over 500 round brilliant-cut diamonds, giving it a frosted look. The white pearls add an even more elegant touch. The chic accessories could easily be believed to have been crafted in France during the Art Deco era. And as such, the wearer will be transported to a literary cafe in Paris with an attitude as bold and brash as the women of the day. This fine accessory is currently retailed at the french jewelry Maison for $155,000, but is being offered at a starting bid of just $24,000.

Lot 2148, Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Enamel and Diamond Bracelet (est. $30,000–$40,000)


When Jean Schlumberger was hired by Tiffany & Co. as a jewelry designer, he was expressly told to create as he normally would, and not to match his style to that of Tiffany’s. What followed was the eternal association of Jean Schlumberger with Tiffany & Co. and vice versa; both were elevated by the other. Schlumberger created designs full of vivid color and ripe with imagination. He remains one of very few designers allowed to sign his work at the storied brand.
His common use of colorful enamel created an incredibly bold look and his whimsical designs have been popularized by style icons, such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and more. One of the designer’s iconic looks involved rounded yellow gold “nail heads” bursting out of enamel. The design is present in this eye-catching Tiffany and Co. Schlumberger Enamel and Diamond Bracelet; only in this case, the gold protrusions are set with round brilliant-cut diamonds—a luxurious touch to an already glamorous accessory.

Lot 3002, Rolex Very Fine Diamond-Set Bracelet Watch with Concealed Dial (est. $58,000–$70,000)


This circa 1940s Rolex Very Fine Diamond-Set Bracelet Watch with Concealed Dial is emblematic of a bygone era of glamour and fashionable soirees. The diamond bracelet itself is a masterfully crafted, entirely made with high quality diamonds of IF clarity and D-G color. Artfully concealed at the center of the bracelet is a petite watch, powered by a vintage Rolex Precision movement. Despite being decades old, this fine collectible shines just as vibrantly and certainly makes an extravagant addition to any evening attire. The piece will be offered for an estimated $58,000–$70,000.

Lot 2085, Kashmir Unheated Sapphire and Diamond Earrings (est. $21,000–$23,000)


One of the rarest pieces offered this July is undoubtedly the Kashmir Sapphire and Pink Diamond Earrings (est. $21,000–$23,000). Kashmir sapphires are the most coveted sapphires in the world due to their exemplary color and clarity. The natural blue color of Kashmir sapphires is often described as “blue velvet,” and few sapphires come close to the quality of that of the Kashmir. The stones get their name from the region bordering India and Pakistan in which they are found, and their extreme rarity gives Kashmir sapphires an almost mythical allure within the industry. While only the center sapphires in each earring are certified as originating from Kashmir, the surrounding sapphires are purported to be from the same mines given their striking similarities. The ultra-rare earrings are further accented with white and pink diamonds—making them truly extravagant.