The Most Collectible Types of Omega Speedmasters

The Omega Speedmaster line of chronographic wristwatches has been a popular choice for decades. The Speedmaster began as a sport and racing timepiece in 1957 and quickly became a preferred option for military applications due to its split-second timing capabilities. Several astronauts who participated in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs wore them during their missions, including lunar landings, leading to the nickname of “moon watches.”

What Is an Omega Speedmaster?

As a chronographic watch, the Speedmaster combines the performance capabilities of a stopwatch and display watch. These watches enable the user to make quick calculations that require precise timing. The Omega Speedmaster line combines these and a host of other technologically advanced features with a luxury watch’s attractiveness, enabling the brand to flourish for more than 60 years. 

Omega Speedmaster Variations

Omega has produced multiple Speedmaster versions over the years, many of which have become highly valued collectors’ items. Some of the more coveted Omega Speedmaster watch incarnations include:

  • Omega Speedmaster Reduced: Although it’s not necessarily the top choice of collectors, the so-called “Marui” is among the rarest Speedmaster models. Omega produced less than 2,000 of these watches, which were scaled-down versions of the full-size Omega Professional line. 
  • Speedmaster 125: Another relatively scarce Speedmaster model, the limited-edition 125 first hit the marketplace in 1973. The watch was one of the first to include automatic chronographic movement. Despite this unique feature, the 125 never caught on with many buyers, likely because of its bulky design. Still, with a worldwide production of only 2,000 units and a relatively low price, it can provide a solid value for Omega Speedmaster collectors.
  • Apollo XVII Gold: Omega launched this Speedmaster watch in 2017 to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 17, the final moon landing mission executed by the pioneering Apollo space program. The timepiece features the engraved words “Tribute to Eugene Cernan,” the mission’s commander who passed away that year. With only 272 units in circulation, this gleaming gold watch is sure to become a collector’s item.
  • Silver Snoopy Award: Another Apollo commemorative watch, Omega introduced the Silver Snoopy Award in 2015 to pay homage to the 45th anniversary of Apollo XIII, the near-disastrous mission that spawned the oft-repeated catchphrase, “Houston, we have a problem.” The watch was an instant success, as its 1,970 units sold out in a few hours. Its value has nearly tripled in the ensuing years, making it a much-desired target of Speedmaster collectors.
  • Speedmaster ’57: This 60th-anniversary edition of the first Speedmaster appeals to collectors of vintage Speedmaster watches. It even includes an engraving of “Speedmaster” in the same font as the original. It also foregoes any indication of “Professional,” which didn’t make its appearance until 1964.

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