One of FORTUNA’s recent auctions attended live and online by bidders from around the world.


eadquartered on Fifth Avenue in New York City, FORTUNA is the leading boutique fine jewelry and watch auction house. FORTUNA provides a secure, transparent, trusted, and regulated global auction marketplace to buy and sell fine jewelry, gemstones, and watches to clients in more than 100 countries.



For our consignors / sellers, FORTUNA provides a means to maximize the value achieved for their jewelry and watches by reaching and encouraging competition among bidders in many countries, without the upfront risk (in the form of enormous fixed fees) that they might otherwise have to shoulder when working with one of the “big houses”, and with white glove client service that is unparalleled in the industry and made available to all of our clients—not just a select few.


Selling At Auction  


For our bidders / buyers, FORTUNA provides guaranteed authenticity for the jewelry, gemstones, and watches that they bid on, detailed and accurate product descriptions and photography that they can trust and rely on, and unmatched white glove client service to ensure that any questions they have or information they need is provided.


Buying at Auction


In addition to bi-weekly live and online auctions, FORTUNA offers appraisal service arrangements. If you have an existing collection, estate or trust that is in need of appraisal services, regardless of your location, our extensive network of professionals can provide you the services you need. To inquire, simply contact us via our quick contact us form which you can access HERE.