Bidding at Auction

There are many ways to bid at a Fortuna auction. Please let us know if you have any questions about the following instructions. We will do our best to walk you through any process you are unsure of.


Buying at Fortuna Auction is an exciting and rewarding process.

Bid in Person at Live Auction

Upon registering to bid at the auction live, you will be assigned a number and given a paddle. During the auction, just raise your paddle to place a bid on the item currently offered. The auctioneer will make note of your bid.


Bid Online

In addition to holding an auction live in our salesroom, we will be hosting our auction online. There are three websites you can register and bid through:,, and


Phone Bid

We will have a set number of phone bidding slots available during the bid for each item. You will have to notify us in advance of which lot you would like to bid on via telephone. We will call you approximately 5 lots before your lot is offered. Our staff will talk you through the bidding process, and will notify the auctioneer of any bid you wish to place.


Absentee Bid

If you are unable to attend the auction via either of the first three ways, you are welcome to leave an absentee bid. You will need to fill out an absentee bidder form and provide us with all of your details. You will have to note what the highest hammer price is that you will pay for an item. If your noted price is higher than the hammer price, you will win the bid for the amount of the hammer price, even if it is less than what your maximum absentee bid was.


Terms & Conditions for Buying

The buying Terms & Conditions are currently being revised, and will be posted online shortly.