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The first set of lots in Fortuna’s December Jewels & Watches auction will be online starting 11/20! Stay tuned for more information.


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  • December Jewels & Watches auction, Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 11AM EST.
  • Featured Lots Shown: Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings, 14.62 CTW
  • You can place bids online via our website or mobile app, request a phone bid, or place an absentee bid. For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact us at +1 (212)389-9040 or bids@fortunaauction.com.

Fortuna is excited to present its much-anticipated December Jewels & Watches auction, which will take place Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 11AM EST. December’s curated collection offers a wealth of rare estate jewelry, important gemstones, and iconic signed pieces—perfect for making your loved ones feel special this holiday season.

The December Jewels & Watches sale is led by a spectacular pair of Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings, 14.62 CTW, which will be offered for an estimate of $100,000–$150,000. Coming from an important Florida estate, these earrings feature well-matched Fancy Yellow square modified brilliant-cut diamonds, accented elegantly with white diamond clusters that are reminiscent of Harry Winston’s signature style. This lot is just one of many gorgeous jewels from a single estate, and a true testament to the grandiose style of an exceptional woman.

Melo Melo Pearl Conch Pearl and Diamond Lariat Necklace

Estimate: $175,000–$250,000

Unlike pearls found in clams, mussels, and oysters, there are non-nacreous pearls found in certain marine gastropod species whose natural formations cannot be replicated—making these pearls exceptionally rare and hard to come by. The Melo Melo is a marine snail that produces beautiful orange pearls, with flame-like patterns, that give off a porcelain-like shine. Like other mollusks, one in several thousand Melo Melo snails might develop a pearl as a physiological response to protect itself from irritants entering its shell. The pearls are only found in the waters of Southeast Asia. Vietnamese emperors astutely placed great value on the pearl, and their value has only grown in Asian markets. The remarkable Melo Melo pearl offered this December boasts an impressive 39.91 carats in size, and is the focal point of a delicate lariat necklace, accented by multi-color conch pearls and diamonds. The one-of-a-kind necklace is projected to go for an estimated $175,000 – $250,000, but is offered at a starting bid of $125,000.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings, 14.62 CTW

Estimate: $100,000–$150,000

Only a small percentage of mined diamonds have a deep, true enough color to be classified as “Fancy Colored”—making them highly-coveted rarities among diamond collectors. Fortuna’s December Jewels & Watches sale has quite a few Fancy Colored stones, perfect to compliment the warm, twinkling lights of the holiday season. Standing out amongst them is this spectacular pair of Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings, 14.62 CTW, offered for an estimate of $100,000–$150,000. The dazzling cut-cornered square modified brilliant-cut Fancy Yellow diamonds are evenly saturated in color and well matched in size, weighing 7.29-carats and 7.33-carats each. The lovely canary yellow shade of the Fancy Colored diamonds and the elegant accents with white diamond clusters make these earrings ideal accessories for the holiday season. The impressive diamonds will be offered at a starting bid of $75,000.

Ceylon Unheated Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Estimate: $125,000–$150,000

When considering the remarkable natural events that had to transpire millions of years ago in order for these precious stones to grace our fingers today, it is hard not to appreciate colored gemstones for their rarity. Ceylon sapphires were made possible by the tectonic plate movements during the Pan-African orogeny, roughly 600 million years ago, which created the ideal conditions for the creation of gemstones all across Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Southern India, and modern-day Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. Ceylon sapphires are known for their exceptionally vivid color and this approximately 28.51-carat Ceylon Unheated Sapphire and Diamond ring is one of the finest in color and virtually devoid of any inclusions. The beautiful stone is flanked by marquise, round brilliant-cut diamonds, and has a competitive starting bid of $85,000.

4.07-Carat Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring

Estimate: $150,000–$225,000

Since the very beginnings of diamond mining, diamond merchants have coveted diamonds “of the first water”—so pure and utterly transparent that it mimics a clear drop of water. And while nearly all diamonds possess trace amounts of nitrogen that cause the diamond to display a slight yellow tinge, there is a small percentage that are classified as “colorless.” An even scarcer selection of these diamonds are deemed “Type IIa.” This type of diamond has no measurable levels of nitrogen impurities and is classified by gemologists as the most chemically pure diamonds. They are found in less than 2% of all diamonds mined and were first identified as originating from the historic Golconda mines. Fortuna is excited to bring you this remarkable chance to bid on such a rare gemstone. Coming from a Connecticut estate, this 4.07-Carat Type IIa Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring possesses D color and IF clarity. Its natural sparkle is enhanced by the two pear brilliant-cut diamonds which flank it. Offered for a starting bid of $100,000 in our December Jewels & Watches auction, this ring  promises to be one of the most exciting lots of the sale.

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