Erinn Scheib

I held onto this piece of jewelry for over a year, because I couldn’t find anywhere to sell it that would offer me any kind of return. I visited local pawn shops and several jewelers for an estimate. Every place I visited said they’d only be able to give me a very small percentage of what the jewelry was worth, and a couple jewelers were upfront in explaining how although they could give me approximately $300 for my rings, they would turn around and sell them for far more. Fortuna was able to sell my ring for about six times more than any other company was willing to pay.

I would recommend Fortuna to friends and family, and I have already. The owners are knowledgeable of the industry, trustworthy and took the time to research and examine the value of my jewelry and what it was truly worth. Plus, they are friendly and informative and never made me feel uncomfortable in a situation that could’ve been very awkward and emotionally stressful.

My biggest fear was that I would get my hopes up that my jewelry would sell but in the end find that no one bought it at auction. It did not come true. My jewelry sold for a few hundred dollars MORE than estimated.

After learning about Fortuna and selling my jewelry through the company, I would never consider selling jewelry any other way, and if I am ever in the market to purchase fine jewelry I would definitely look into buying through a Fortuna auction.