Our Story

Fortuna’s owners (L-R), Maria Saxon, John Saxon, Seth Holehouse, and Anna Lin

Fortuna’s owners (L-R), Maria Saxon, John Saxon, Seth Holehouse, and Anna Lin

We’ve built Fortuna™ around a single mission: to help clients sell jewelry for the highest amount possible, with no risk.

Several years ago, we had grown a successful business in jewelry wholesale and retail. When it came to appraising, buying, and selling jewelry, we were quite confident.

Then one day, a customer needed our help selling an imperial Chinese jade sculpture. Selling Asian art was new for us, so we did what we thought best: We consigned it to one of the world’s largest auction houses. We truly believed it would sell.

It didn’t. The piece sat with the auction house for 6 months, and on top of our disappointment we were charged over $2,000 in fees.

We painfully learned firsthand how vulnerable sellers can be in areas outside of their expertise. When someone needs to sell jewelry—whether as a result of a death in the family, financial difficulty, or even to fund a child’s education—they should not have to deal with the risk of hefty auction fees, especially when their jewelry does not sell, or low offers and questionable tactics from jewelry buyers.

Having experienced our own loss, we made the commitment to eliminate that risk for our clients. That’s why we have zero fees for photography, insurance, cataloging, marketing, or unsold lots. We will market your jewelry to millions of potential buyers around the world, and if it doesn’t sell for the price you want, you owe us nothing.

If you would like to set up a free jewelry valuation, call us today. We genuinely look forward to serving you.