Our Story

When childhood best friends, John Saxon and Seth Holehouse, experienced some of the corrupt practices in the jewelry industry, they knew it was time for change.

Having grown up in rural Ohio where a handshake means your word, they embarked on a mission to bring honesty, transparency, and good old fashioned integrity back into the second-hand jewelry landscape—and to have fun in the process!

As a renewable energy engineer leading global teams, John was no stranger to driving innovation and solving complex problems. Seth’s decade of jewelry experience, paired with a distinguished creative career, gave him the ability to breathe new life into an aging 300-year-old industry.

Thus, in 2016 the “Dream Team” was formed, and Fortuna was born.

Within only a few short years (and countless 100+ hour workweeks), Fortuna is now the fastest growing auction house in the world.

By keeping a razor-sharp focus in jewelry and watches, Fortuna has become an industry leader.

And through consistently putting transparency and integrity before profit, Fortuna has earned the trust and loyalty of buyers and sellers worldwide.

John and Seth’s original purpose remains unchanged: to make buying and selling luxury jewelry fair, safe, and accessible to everyone.