Maine Antique Digest—A Small Town Approach in the Big City

By Mary Ann Brown

Maine Antique Digest

Fortuna Auctioneers and Appraisers, owned and operated by partners in business and marriage Seth Holehouse and Anna Lin, GG, is a relative newcomer to the jewelry auction scene in New York City. The company held its fine jewelry sale on January 19.

Lin and Holehouse started the venture about four years ago, and the auction house complements a separate business they created seven or eight years ago. Anna Lin Antique and Diamond Jewelry ( “is mostly focused on searching for and finding investment quality gemstones and old jewelry for people in Asia,” according to Holehouse. They travel to Asia “a few times a year, finding buyers for important Art Deco, Cartier, Kashmir sapphires, and such.”

With backgrounds in different facets of the jewelry business, they make a good team. Lin “worked for a long time under a master appraiser here in New York; she’s worked in wholesale, is a GIA graduate—so she’s got a lot of knowledge under her belt.” Holehouse’s background was originally in industrial design, but he also focused on marketing and business, once having his own small company doing jewelry photography. He does a lot of the creative work, such as branding, web design, and photographing the jewelry they sell. “At this point we’re still very much like a Mom and Pop business, which is something we actually want to be.”

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