Elsa Peretti was not your typical jewelry designer. She had a unique ability to transform the beauty of nature into sculptural, organic, and irresistibly sensual pieces. Her journey to becoming one of the most iconic designers of her time was an unconventional one.

Born in Florence, Italy in 194, Peretti initially pursued a career in interior design. However, it was during her time studying in Rome that she discovered her passion for jewelry design. She started experimenting with creating her own pieces and quickly realized she had found her true calling.

In pursuit of new opportunities, Peretti moved to Barcelona and then New York City where she worked as a fashion model. While modeling allowed her to travel the world and experience different cultures, it also exposed her to the world of high fashion and luxury brands – an industry that would soon be captivated by her unique aesthetic.

In 1975, she famously posed in a Playboy Bunny costume photographed by Helmut Newton.

Elsa Peretti, was a true pioneer of design, translating  all she saw in the natural world into jewelry that is sculptural, organic and irresistibly sensual. After studying interior design in Rome and working as a fashion model in Barcelona and New York City, Peretti found her true calling in the world of jewelry design.  Peretti’s unique ability to infuse natural elements with timeless elegance set her apart, earning her recognition as one of the most iconic designers of her time.

Her revolutionary aesthetic enchanted the world after she joined Tiffany & Co. in 1974. This partnership remains among the most successful in the brand’s history, which resulted in some of Tiffany’s most iconic pieces, including the Bone Cuff and Open Heart collection. Additionally, Peretti played an important role in changing the perception of diamonds in everyday fashion and elevated the status of sterling silver. 

“She provided the 70s working woman with jewelry she could buy for herself and wear for her own pleasure”

Not only did Peretti leave an indelible mark on Tiffany & Co.’s history, but she also played a pivotal role in altering the perception of diamonds in everyday fashion while elevating the status of sterling silver. Her legacy continues to enchant collectors and enthusiasts alike, solidifying her position as an influential figure in modern jewelry design. Decades later we still see these influences resonating in the jewelry world making her legacy live on.

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