Julie Reynolds

I fell in love with Fortuna.  They are so kind and genuine and savvy about this process that we always felt safe.

We did explore other options first. We had extensive conversations with Sotheby’s Chicago office but found them rather mechanical and the process considerably more arduous.  It was also much more costly to the Seller as they racked up fee after fee to the point where we would have been lucky to see 15-18% when the items sold.  And fees were assessed whether the item sold or not.  With Fortuna, the amount we received was the amount visible when the hammer dropped.  The Auctions themselves were fast and fun, and knowing the disposition immediately was really neat.

We already have recommended Fortuna to several people. There’s nothing so settling as knowing the ins and outs of this, especially the first time. They guided us through every step and gave us honest and reliable quotes, so that we knew what to expect.

We were concerned at the outset that we not replicate the experience my father had with Sotheby’s when he sold 2 extraordinary pieces with them. The experience left him confused, disappointed, and angry. Our experience was the polar opposite. I was thrilled with the results and used the money for the down payment on our dream house on the water. We could not have realized this without them. I can’t even speak to the joy this has brought us.

The physical and online catalogs were spectacular and I am certain contributed significantly to the uptick in value when they sold above the reserves.