Julie Reynolds

I fell in love with Fortuna.  They are so kind and genuine and savvy about this process that we always felt safe.

We did explore other options first. We had extensive conversations with Sotheby’s Chicago office but found them rather mechanical and the process considerably more arduous.  It was also much more costly to the Seller as they racked up fee after fee to the point where we would have been lucky to see 15-18% when the items sold.  And fees were assessed whether the item sold or not.  With Fortuna, the amount we received was the amount visible when the hammer dropped.  The Auctions themselves were fast and fun, and knowing the disposition immediately was really neat.

We already have recommended Fortuna to several people. There’s nothing so settling as knowing the ins and outs of this, especially the first time. They guided us through every step and gave us honest and reliable quotes, so that we knew what to expect.

We were concerned at the outset that we not replicate the experience my father had with Sotheby’s when he sold 2 extraordinary pieces with them. The experience left him confused, disappointed, and angry. Our experience was the polar opposite. I was thrilled with the results and used the money for the down payment on our dream house on the water. We could not have realized this without them. I can’t even speak to the joy this has brought us.

The physical and online catalogs were spectacular and I am certain contributed significantly to the uptick in value when they sold above the reserves.

Stephen P. Storfer, MD

I am very pleased to write about my experience with Fortuna Auction.

As you are aware, my mother passed away some seven years before we met.  As I was the only “local” the task to liquidate her estate befell me with three backseat drivers. For several years and many potential buyers and auctioneers, I slogged on at the behest of my family, never finding the right “fit” for them until I came across Fortuna. From our first phone discussion I knew that you were well aware of the obstacle course through which I had run. Your willingness to work within the demands of my family as in setting reserve prices not only helped us achieve successful sales but also kept the siblings from being torn apart in that pursuit.

In detail, we/I had seen many other potential buyers and auctioneers from Christie’s to Betteridge Jewelers, Circa to Doyle Auctions and all had their own bent on the value of the jewelry. While they all communicated some consistent information their target and reserve pricing varied widely. Your thoughts about target and reserve pricing fell more consistently within the expectations of my family and when there were disagreements you were willing to work with them as well. As a testament to your skill, you were correct when those disagreements were tested.  I was most impressed by Fortuna’s ability to achieve original reserve/target prices upon second auction consignment just by lowering the initial ask and reserve.

I guess my great first impression came when you showed excitement over what I regarded as my mother’s most lavish and stunning piece; a Marie Ostier designed brooch. I also enjoyed your interest in the history of this brooch.  That you would take the time to go over each piece with me and then offer to auction the lot, not cherry-picking only a few sold me.  My family was sold by how you run your house in that by and large expenses of photography, presentation and seller’s premium were not an issue.

Frankly, my experience with Fortuna and both you and your wife was without compare. You have never disappointed me and I am very comfortable in recommending Fortuna to anyone who asks. Please feel free to use my name as you see fit.  You deserve the accolades!

Richard Buonomo

The Fortuna team strikes a rare balance of professionalism and personal attention.

These guys work their butts off preparing and operating a sale. But stopping by their offices to study precious jewels, feels like stopping by a neighborhood pub. If “Friends” ran an auction house, it would be Fortuna.

Each sale, Fortuna’s catalog presents a deeper and wider selection of lots. This illustrates satisfaction building among consignors and bidders. They’ve created a unique jewelry auction culture now maturing to the point where we can’t afford not to be involved!

When I’ve experienced  issues with a purchased lot, Fortuna effectively resolved the problem to my satisfaction. They may print the regular buyer beware language in their catalog. But I bid with confidence that these folks are too smart to leave a client unhappy.

Sure, this is how we earn our bread. But Fortuna has not forgotten that jewelry is beautiful, personal and worthless if not joyful.

Erinn Scheib

I held onto this piece of jewelry for over a year, because I couldn’t find anywhere to sell it that would offer me any kind of return. I visited local pawn shops and several jewelers for an estimate. Every place I visited said they’d only be able to give me a very small percentage of what the jewelry was worth, and a couple jewelers were upfront in explaining how although they could give me approximately $300 for my rings, they would turn around and sell them for far more. Fortuna was able to sell my ring for about six times more than any other company was willing to pay.

I would recommend Fortuna to friends and family, and I have already. The owners are knowledgeable of the industry, trustworthy and took the time to research and examine the value of my jewelry and what it was truly worth. Plus, they are friendly and informative and never made me feel uncomfortable in a situation that could’ve been very awkward and emotionally stressful.

My biggest fear was that I would get my hopes up that my jewelry would sell but in the end find that no one bought it at auction. It did not come true. My jewelry sold for a few hundred dollars MORE than estimated.

After learning about Fortuna and selling my jewelry through the company, I would never consider selling jewelry any other way, and if I am ever in the market to purchase fine jewelry I would definitely look into buying through a Fortuna auction.